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Mohamed Bourouissa - Photography Luz Do Día


Mohamed Bourouissa has published in exclusivity with Homaar 5 photographs that mark the beginning of his research for the seriesPériphérique wich made his name. In 2009, during a residency in Rio de Janeiro, the artist surrounded himself with acquaintances and friends to depict daily life in the marvellous city in historical paintings, genre scenes or landscapes.

Luz Do Día mixes historical painting and genre scenes to evoke everyday life in the favelas. These teenagers, who have abandoned their naivety to prefer the harshness of man, who see their life governed by the rules of the community and assert their virility by the sound of their motorbikes, see their daily life punctuated by boredom and squabbles while keeping watch. In these photographs, the use of a quasi-christian light gives another aura to this youth who only believes in itself.

Luz Do Día
Ultra chrome inkjet printing on glossy canson paper
61x78 cm
Edition of 100
Certificate of authenticity signed by the artist

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